Hedonia uses premium Ecuadorian eternity roses (GRADE A). Petals are thick, plush, and made from 100% natural fresh rose flowers. Our roses have undergone specific processes of treatment to preserve their peak bloom. Initial treatments begin with non-toxic, non-allergenic wax and natural oils to lock in beauty; followed by a series of multi-step dehydration and rehydration processes. Eternity roses are not dry flowers, silk flowers, or artificial flowers. Preservation techniques allow flowers to maintain a completely natural appearance and feel for up to 3* years with proper care!


Hedonia firmly stands for social accountability. Responsible luxury integrates the seamlessness of premium products with greater social awareness. Exclusive collections with strong ethics are a non-negotiable for us. Shopping with Hedonia is shopping sustainably!Our wonderful floral supplier from Quito, Ecuador is Rainforest Alliance Certified! They have developed the ideals for environmental conservation and social well-being of people working on agriculture farms. All with the aim of promoting sustainable development. Which means…

  • protection and conservation of the ecosystem, wildlife, water
  • minimization of the use of water chemicals
  • waste management
  • fair treatment of employees
  • good relationships with community, and environmental planning and monitoring

Positive rates of local employment can be traced to our partner’s existence and dedication. We only wanted to work with the best! 🌟

Every detail has to be immaculate for us. It should also be noted that all materials have been sourced and produced in manners that are non-toxic and non-allergenic!

Our boxes can be repurposed years after to your own liking. They are made to last. Our ecological product has been naturally preserved, ensuring a lifespan of up to 3 years…as opposed to only a few days. Give a gift that conquers! 🔱


 To keep your arrangement beautiful for a prolonged period:  

  1. Please leave your roses within the box they arrive in. Refrain from excessive touching. The lid is meant to stay on the bottom, on the side, or slightly covering the arrangement, but never fully closed (unless otherwise listed for a particular collection).
  2. Because our roses are fully bloomed and have been cured to preserve their peak, our flowers will not wilt. They are meant to be accommodative of most climates, additional watering is not required.
  3. We do advise that you keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight. Avoid spraying or exposing your arrangement to alcohol, oil, and water based substances.
  4. Dust collection on roses can be gently removed with a soft bristle brush or duster. For our velour boxes, a lint roller is ideal for dust and debris removal 

Detailed care advisory is included with each arrangement for referral. 


Hedonia offers snow white, light pink, wine red, black onyx, lavender haze, and fresh peach Ecuadorian eternity roses. 

*NOTE: mixing of lighter and darker shades, (ex; wine red with light pink) WILL cause colour transfer on the lighter roses. A gradient effect will be slightly visible on the border of the rose petals (due to high colour saturation and colour contrast of this natural product). Please be mindful of this outcome if placing a mixed colour order; it is an expected reaction with both eternity and even fresh flowers. This is not the result of any mishandling or improper care by the creator. 



Hedonia specializes itself primarily on handcrafted floral creations. Additional luxury gifting items will be offered in the future!


Absolutely! Please let us know of any personal details, additions, or preferences you would love to have incorporated! Anything on our website is an idea of what can be done- if you like something from another arrangement (style/shape, colour, etc.), altering the design for own feel is completely welcome! We would love to bring your fantasy to fruition with combined efforts- we are here to serve you! We can be reached through our email info@hedoniatoronto.ca. 

 View our official Instagram @hedoniatoronto for a complete product catalogue.